Darkness Retreat

It has been estimated that 90 to 95% of the sensory input that constantly bombards us comes through the eyes.  When we close the eyes to the visual sensory input, a different connection to our inner essence is possible.  It is possible to step outside of the definitions of who you think you are and to connect with a deeper part of your Self. 

This work is offered in a safe beautiful comfortable environment at a private retreat house on the shores of a lake.  There is ongoing monitoring, supervision and personal care. 

Options are available for wheat grass juice cleanses, supervised fasting or light vegetarian meals.  Counseling, body work and private healing sessions are available before or after the process.

In the absence of light the brain chemistry changes and our system can unwind to its original state of innocence.  In the unwinding process one can face and move through deep fears and move into a connection with your inner Divinity.


The following paragraphs are quotes from: Darkness Technologies: Darkness Techniques for Enlightenment by Mantak Chia

This paper (available under the "Resources" tab) is an excellent introduction as well as a guideline for preparing for the Darkness experience.

Our usual perception of the world in waking consciousness is, in fact, a state of waking ignorance.  The brain must inhibit our true nature and divine connections to survive in the physical world.  In everyday life, we see everything back to front, as it were.  We perceive the primary actions of the brain as providing us with sensibility and cognitive awareness.  In fact, the brain’s mechanism is to filter and shut off the flow of divine consciousness, making possible survival on Earth, but obscuring all transcendental realities.  Darkness meditations remove the obscurations.  The inhibitory functions of the brain are lifted, and we revel in the experience of Oneness, Wu Chi, the Original Source.

In the Darkness experience, the “spirit molecules” … alter the receiving qualities of the brain.  The brain “tunes in” to invisible worlds and parallel universes, like a television turning in to different channels.  Mystical and near-death, out-of-body experiences reflect dynamic equilibria between “channels” in which we experience the essential energy that courses through the receiver.

There are other papers available under the "Resources" tab that give different perspectives on the Darkness experience:

  • The paper by Osho gives a very deep spiritual perspective on darkness work. 
  • Reggie Ray is a teacher of Tibetan Tantric Buddhismand his paper talks about how the Darkness experience is the quintessential meditation practice.  A way of clearing our samsaras and opening to freedom and joy.
  • The paper by Martin Lowenthal contains excerpts from his book on darkness retreats: Dawning of Clear Light.  It comes out of the Tibetan Buddhist approach for using darkness retreats as a technique for personal healing and connecting with and stabilizing our connection with the Clear Light, our essence.   If you enjoy the paper, I encourage you to get his book as it contains a wealth of information for using darkness in a spiritual practice.
  • Andrew Durham's paper is perhaps most practical and it incorporates the Natural Hygienic approach to dark room work.  He discusses how to prepare, what to expect, a good attitude to have going in, the practicalities of exercise, food and toilet.  He also discusses working with trauma and other issues that may arise.  And give several specific options about how to start this work and move forward with it.

If you have never done a darkness retreat before, a 4 day retreat is a good starting point.  You will experience a deep profound rest and get a taste of what additional work with the darkness might offer you.

Grebes on the lake                            image courtesy of Cathy Buse

Grebes on the lake                           image courtesy of Cathy Buse

A 4 Day Supervised Darkness Retreat includes:

  • space set-up and take-down
  • exclusive use of a 2 bedroom flat with living room, dining room, kitchen, and full bath.
  • initial orientation session
  • debriefing exit session
  • daily check-ins
  • (optional) daily fresh wheat grass juice
  • additional food or fresh juices or smoothies are available by arrangement

It is also possible to add an additional large bedroom to the darkness space so that small groups of up to 4 or 5 can participate in a Darkness Retreat together.  For those who have experienced a 4 day Darkness Retreat, an 8 day retreat is also possible.