Offerings and Recommended Donations

Use the PayPal button at the bottom of this page to send a deposit for sessions or accommodations.  Contact me via email to set up a specific date and time.  If you are ordering a recording or an astrology report be sure to include information on where to send them.  Namaste.


Tantric sessions:

Counseling/Coaching sessions:                     

Breema bodywork:                         

4 Day Supervised Darkness Retreat (see "Offerings / Darkness Retreat" for more information):  NOTE: Darkness Retreats are temporarily not available.                            


Astrology Chart & Report**                  

Astrology Relationship Report**           



Yoga Nidra on CD

Yoga Nidra via digital download

1008 Yoginis

Background music by Angelika for the Yoga Nidra practice and the Guided Meditation ritual is available by clicking here


$150 - ($100)* /hour

$100 - ($75)* /hour

$75 - ($60)* /~45 min.

$600 / 1 or 2 people

















Pulling into dock after some kayaking.

Pulling into dock after some kayaking.

* In order to make these experiences available to more people we offer a limited income discount.  The recommended donation with the maximum discount applied is shown in (parenthesis).  Also, work trades are sometimes possible. 

** Does not include counseling session time, which is available separately.

NOTE:  Sending funds with PayPal is free if you have your PayPal and bank accounts linked.  If you use a card, fees apply so be sure the correct net amount is sent.