Erotic Meditation:  A practice for activating awareness & presence through pleasure

 “We are actually working when we touch one another – working to try out our hands not as agents of our will but as organs of perception. For this all their native sensitivity and flexibility must be gradually rediscovered.”

This new form of tantric practice is for exploring the potent combination of erotic touch and mindfulness meditation. One intention of this practice is to enjoy strengthening the capacity to rest as the Awareness of All That Is. When we are neither trying to cling to or intensify a pleasurable sensation, nor push away an experience we don’t want, we discover freedom. Cultivating the Internal Observer irregardless of what is happening in your environment is one means of expanding awareness and finding deep inner stillness. Shifting your sense of identity from the individual ego to the vastness of the infinite is another. As we deepen into the internal stillness, we find ourselves embracing Oneness with all of life and possibly experiencing a complete awakening.

Becoming more skillful and conscious with our sensory awareness can enhance all spiritual practices and every aspect of our lives. Some of the immediate effects can include a greater openness in your entire energetic field, more integration of upper and lower chakras,  and a greater sense of neutrality toward events or people who may have triggered a reaction in the past. This leads to a deeper sense of connectedness and the capacity to show up more fully with everyone you come into contact with. What better way to practice surrendering to what is than in the cauldron of erotic sensation!

 Do you value

·         Truth over what you want and how you want it?

·         Deepening your practice of any type of meditation or self inquiry

·         Passion, aliveness, sensual exploration

·         Cultivating your capacity to surrender to the Divine

 If so, this work may be useful to you.

Erotic Meditation Retreat: Thur., April 12 – Sun., April 15, 2018: San Francisco Bay Area

Join Marlies Cocheret and myself for a 4 day retreat in the S.F. East Bay area.  Click here for more information.


Videos About Erotic Meditation

The Yoni as a Portal to the Sacred (1:27)

Incredible Stillness and Vastness (1:36)

No Goals Leads to Expansiveness (0:58)

Talking About Erotic Meditation: An informal, candid conversation between Deborah Anapol & Lyn:

Part 1: Short Definition of Erotic Meditation, not like traditional tantra, slow subtle movement (15:47)

Part 2: Extremely subtle and sensitive, cracking open the heart, the silver and gold cords (10:15)

Part 3:  Strengthening resting as awareness, good for long term relationships (3:52)