Temple Information and Good Things to Know


The Temple is strictly vegetarian.  Please do not bring any food that is not vegetarian.  Ask if you are not sure.



There is limited parking around the Temple.  If you are coming for a group, please check in to find out where to park.  If you are coming for an individual session, you can park in the carport.  There are three places available for parking:  1) in the carport, 2) by the mail boxes just past the turn in to the “Private Driveway”, and 3) down a steep driveway thru a gate by the boat dock.  Do not park down to the boat dock unless you have been directed there, it is not suitable for vehicles with poor uphill traction.  If you park by the mailboxes, please be sure to park off the road and do not block other cars from turning around.


The Temple Inner Sanctum:

The innermost part of the temple is sacred space.  It is intended for doing practices and rituals.  To keep this space sacred we do not use it to sleep or read or for casual visiting.


The Temple Bathroom:

The Temple bathroom on the top floor is for use only when involved in a practice or ritual in the Temple.  Otherwise, use the bathrooms on the main floor or the lower level of the house.


Purified Drinking Water:

Purified drinking water is available at the kitchen sink.  On the main floor the faucet on the right is cold; the faucet on the left is instant hot water for teas, etc.  On the lower level there is only cold purified drinking water.


No Shoes Inside:

Bring slippers or heavy socks if you need them.


Hiking & Kayaks:

We are literally right next to a wild life sanctuary and a state park with extensive marsh lands.  There is a trail that leaves from the Temple that provides hours of hiking and bird watching in this wilderness area.  Another way to explore these lands is by kayak.  The Temple has a boat house that houses several kayaks as well as a couple of bicycles.  Just a few feet from the boat house is the Temple’s private dock that makes getting the kayaks into the water easy.


Backup Power:

In the event of a power outage, the Temple has a backup gas generator to provide basic electrical power while the outage is being repaired.



Bring any special vegetarian foods you need or like.  There is tea and fruit and a variety of snacks that are generally available. For those spending the night at the Temple, there is the ingredients for you to make a light breakfast:  oatmeal, granola, bananas, apples, oranges, yogurt, toast, coffee and tea.  (An all raw super food porridge could be an alternate if arrangements are made ahead of time.)



Earplugs can sometimes be useful during meditation and if you spend the night, they can be a great sleeping help.  The Temple building is over 40 years old and the room-to-room sound proofing is less than optimal.  Also, earplugs can be helpful if someone in the room is snoring.



We have a delicate engineered septic system.  We practice:

“If it’s YELLOW, let it MELLOW”   ~   “If it’s BROWN, flush it DOWN”

Please do not put anything but toilet paper and what comes out of your body into the toilet.  And, please do NOT flush tampons.  Use the trash can.



We are trying to keep a low profile here and not alienate any of our neighbors.  Mostly, our neighbors are not here.  However, if you do happen to meet someone on the road, please keep your voice down and be aware of your energy and be discrete in any conversations you might have within ear shot of them.